Jesus Christ Superstar - June 2016

In the words and music of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Superstar retells the story of the final week of Jesus’ earthly life, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. Controversial when first released, the piece has come over the years to be regarded as a classic, with its representation of Christ as an enigmatic figure:  ‘just a man’ to Judas, the priests, Pilate, & Herod, yet somebody none of them is unable to ignore nor understand.

Superstar features memorable music and lyrics and dynamic ensemble dance numbers. The musical colours are as varied as the characters, with ‘King Herod’s Song’, ‘Gethsemane’ and Judas’ iconic ‘Superstar’ all adding different layers of meaning and mood. Mary Magdalene’s ‘I don’t know how to love Him’ became a major hit in its own right soon after the show’s debut in 1970 and has been re-recorded by numerous artists.