Cabaret - 2010

Made famous on the screen by Liza Minelli and Joel Grey CABARET tells the story of a young American writer, Clifford Bradshaw, living in Berlin at the dawn of the Nazi era. He becomes infatuated with the giddy, gaudy decadence of the place, epitomized by a sexy, vaguely dangerous nightclub called the Kit Kat Klub; in particular he finds himself involved with its chanteuse, sad, flighty Sally Bowles. While Cliff and Sally drift, dreamlike, in this happy but desperate milieu, life outside turns ugly. As the play reaches its climax, Cliff’s landlady Frӓulein Schneider decides to break her engagement to a Jewish man because she fears she will lose her licence, if not her life, if she does not. Cliff decides to leave the world of Berlin and the Kit Kat Klub behind him, but Sally, believing that “life is a cabaret,” decides to stay behind.